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Mix & Match! Make YOUR OWN Signature Scent!

Posted by Jennifer Compton on Monday, February 21, 2011, In : Tips & Tricks 


Mix & Match Menu...
*You can mix and match your tarts to make a new scent or your own signature scent. They can be cut in half or even fours. Below See our different cut styles and how we measure for the Menu:

Example: 1/4 banana + 1/2 strawberry + 1/4 creme brulee = Strawberry Banana Yogurt 



*Let us know if you come up with a fantastic scent and share it here for others... we may even feature your scent!

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Art to Burning a Candle?

Posted by Jennifer Compton on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, In : Tips & Tricks 
What is the 'Art' to burning a candle?

Few things are as captivating as the soft light and the glow of a candle. Even a candle has a science to it...there is actually an art to burning a candle properly and safely. You can generally tell if a candle is burning properly just by looking at it:

·         Having steady, calm flames means that the candle’s burning process is in balance. The wick is efficiently pulling up the right amount of wax, which is then being “consumed” by the flame t...

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Desert Valley Gifts in the POOL together Market Place 2010

Posted by Jennifer Compton on Sunday, February 13, 2011, In : Desert Valley Gifts History 
The New Collaborative Market Place in Mesa, AZ... POOL together. The NEW TIMES WINNER of the Best Retail Vision of 2010! POOL together is a collaborative market place housing more than 40 business owners. Featuring Farmer's Market, Weekly Events, and talented merchants. Desert Valley Gifts,LLC along with many other businesses joined POOL together to share in the vision. June 2010 was time for DVG (Desert Valley Gifts) to set up and get ready for the Grand Opening July 2010.

"Channel 12 in Me...

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