Just A Little About Who We are and what we have been doing...

 Desert Valley Gifts is truly about Natural Ambiance for all aspects of the home and body. Essence and natural ingredients to pamper yourself with, scents to remind you of peace, warmth, and Motivation with 100% Soybean Candles with natural cotton wicks. Taking Harmful out of what should be natural. Kyle Wright and Jennifer 'Jen' Compton, owner/crafters have three beautiful daughters and a dog, Zoey. Building a family business that is friendly, trustworthy, and known for top knotch quality is the goal they set out to reach...great products just come from the heart of individuals that care about what they are making and selling to you. Jen is originally from Texas, the DFW (Dallas, Fort Worth) area where her roots were soaked in good 'ole southern hospitality (don't be surprised if she mixes 'ya'll' into her words) mixed with Kyle's traditional Arizona ways and talents with music/arts made for great partners in this family made business. Doing business with them is creative and professionally down to earth.  You can customize almost anything.

  "Where else can you choose the scent of your soaps, lotions, even bath bombs... and so much more with pleasing quality?  When you have that, you have Desert Valley Gifts. Definitely Natural Ambiance..."

 ~Johni.Louise, Social Media Expert 

 "We are located in the valley, in Phoenix, Arizona. It is truly beautiful to see all the different types of trees, cactus, and flowers that are native to Arizona, very colorful. I love the mountains, very pleasant and peaceful background too. We chose to name our business  after our surroundings and hope to share the vibrance of Arizona and not just the stereotype southwest desert that so many people believe it to be. We like sharing our southern homestyle craft through our natrual home & body products. Desert Valley Gifts is about family and creating a natural ambiance."

 ~Jen Compton, owner

Desert Valley Gifts, LLC is classified as a manufacture/ distribution company of Natural Handcrafted products such as 100% Soybean Candles, Natural Lotions & Soaps, and various other products.

Founded in 2009, they took their talents to a new level. They had been making and designing products for many years before deciding to create Desert Valley Gifts, LLC. Believing in themselves and in the amazing quality  of their handcrafted-hand packaged products, they sell natural quality to clients/customers and based it all on how they would like it to be presented and made for even their own children. It is very important that Friends/Clients are happy with their purchases from Desert Valley Gifts. As of 2011 they literally have never had one disappointed customer, and that is worth talking about. So, finally joining the BBB in 2011 they were proud to reach their goal of being an accredited business with honor and integrity. 

Follow their blogs and find that they are helpful, some that are more like the 'news', DIY (do it yourself) ideas, and much much more. Jen personally writes all the blogs for Desert Valley Gifts. 

 "Thank ya, y'all come by and see us!"
~Your Friends at Desert Valley Gifts

Kyle & Jen, Owner/Creators

Kyle & Jen, Owners/Creative Partners, 2010 

 2011 Desert Valley Gifts,LLC new logo and vision!

Desert Valley Gifts' Original Logo (below) 

An Original Design pending patent by Desert Valley Gifts, LLC  

The Double Apothecary Two 'Separate' Candles in ONE! 8 oz. in the jar and 3.5 oz. in the lid and this is the small one! We have 16 oz Jar with a 4.5 oz. lid! Customizable too!

Weekly Events were a 'Normal thing' at the POOL together. DVG Girls showing the customers a good time at the Grand Opening Day. 

"I have had so much fun working in our family business, Desert Valley Gifts is my first job. I am sure I will be working with my family for many years to come, but first.... college. It was my pleasure to meet so many great people along the way." 

~Abigail Boyd, oldest daughter

FOX 10 stopped by to check out POOL together.... get a look at the inside of the vision of POOL.

Desert Valley Gifts joined the POOL together Market Place June 2010. The Old Mervyn's Building on the corner of Stapley Rd. & Main St in Mesa, AZ became the NEW TIMES Winner for Best Retail Vision 2010.....  sadly the project was closed down Feb. 2011 forcing Desert Valley Gifts and many other businesses to scramble for new locations. Desert Valley Gifts instead opened a new shop and now sells to the public and retailers. You can find their great products now in various stores throughout the Valley of Phoenix. Desert Valley Gifts, LLC would like to open another retail shop in the future, but for now as Kyle Wright, Co-Owner says, "We are too busy these days for a store front, we are making products everyday and loving it. We do plan to open another store front in the future, but for now we are enjoying what we do and love going to the occasional show."

"We enjoyed our time at POOL together and are growing by leaps and bounds. Thank you to Brad Weinstock, CEO of POOL for the opportunity. We are getting ready to launch some great new products and are having so much fun with it."

 ~Jen Compton, Owner 

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