Ordering with DVG... the details :)

by Desert Valley Gifts, LLC on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 10:56am


If you don't see it on our Website... then make sure and ask, we will still order anything that is still available for manufacturing. We have access to 2000+ candle fragrances and over 500 skin safe-FDA approved bath and body scents. It is virtually impossible for us to load that many per product variation. We offer Free Custom Labeling and allow you to choose your own scent. 


There are several different ways to order from us.


1. Our Website: this only allows you to order what is available on the line up. The payment process is through an integrated PayPal cart. If you want something customized you must send a separate email to DVG@desertvalleygifts.com with your name, contact email, phone number, and the artwork (.jpg or .png file) that you would like to use with any wording. Private Labeling is a Free Service. We do reserve the right to take pictures of the product for our use and don't mind sending the pictures via email for you to keep.


2. Via Email: This is our most popular way to order our products with our consumers and our retailers. This option allows you the freedom of choosing from any of our scents. Free Private Labeling is available. We will send you two separate invoices via email 1. Invoice for Order 2. Invoice for Shipping. The only way we can guarantee you the lowest possible shipping rate is to offer it when shipping, at this time you will have the option to add insurance to your shipment. 


3. Facebook Mini Site Sales: We have set up buttons on our Mini Facebook Website that will link you to our website, the order process is the same as OUR WEBSITE listed above. The Facebook Sales are set up with a PayPal Button, this will allow you to buy each product on it's own with the listed scent for that sale. The shipping is included in the price. If you wish to include insurance on the shipment send us an email to DVG@desertvalleygifts.com we can add it before shipping, but please make sure you give us your name and order details and we will bill you separate via email PayPal invoice for your insurance. *Note: Facebook Sale Items are not customizable they are labeled/pictured with the scent option that has been selected, no company logos are on the label.


4. Call In Orders:  480-717-2502  you are welcome to call in your order and skip the email process all together. You can pay over the phone for your order and we can either call you for your shipping transaction or send Invoice via email using a PayPal Invoice. 





1. I didn't see the one I want on your site, can I still order it?  Answer: yes absolutely, you can choose to order by using options 2-4 listed above.


2. I made a mistake on my order and want to change it, can I do that? Answer: we order scents that we do not have in stock, so as long as you contact us before we order anything for your order...we can change it (we order within 24 hrs of purchase). If the item is already ordered or in production we cannot change the order. 


3. Can I cancel my order? Yes and No, if you cancel before any ordering has been placed or before production of the product we will refund the amount paid. Otherwise, it is non-refundable for the cost of the order. If you still do not want the order, we will not ship it and not charge the shipping.  We can NOT refund money once the product is in order/production phase. 


4. What happens if my product is damaged when I get it? Desert Valley Gifts, LLC is not liable for damages by the carrier and will not replace the product. We suggest that you purchase insurance for your product for that reason. 


5. Do you refund if I get the product and do not want it? No, all sales are final.


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